Noted as one of Apple’s favorite holiday gifts, Automatic could be a game changer in the driving world. At $99.95, this device is set to connect your car and smartphone to help users know more about their driving, trip timeline, maintenance issues, and the solution to the ever-occurring problem of where the car is parked. This small device that plugs into the same port your mechanic uses when you take you car in for service uses Bluetooth to talk to your phone and analyze your driving style.

Automatic Device for your Car

With tips on how to prevent things that waste gas such as rough braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration, Automatic will show you an exact breakdown on every trip and how to adjust to save  money.

Is it worth it? Maybe not for some but speedy drivers spend a lot to save very little time. This device will help users obtain efficiency in driving but most importantly, provide the user with interesting data. Automatic will also detect any serious crashes and report exact details about location to emergency responders.

Automatic iPhone App

You may not have known that you needed this but after seeing the knowledge available at your fingertips, Automatic makes a great gift for the tech adopter in your life.