M-commerce. A relatively new term acknowledging the rising amount of purchasing that is completed via a mobile device. In recent years, this concept has seen excessive attention as marketers try to better understand user behaviors and retailers try to be present on mobile platforms. With mobile devices, users have become fixated on showrooming, or researching trends, designs and clothing fads online. Fashion lovers have made this shopping approach into a continuous journey. From inspiration to transaction, startup companies trying to capitalize on the trend like Pose, Threadflip, Covet and more are combining the social sharing features of Pinterest and the m-commerce habits to be available to the users at all times in the form of mobile apps.

This week’s Innovation Inspiration incorporated this trend with the Kaleidoscope app. Kaleidoscope is a visual search engine for fashionistas using 30-50 street style images daily to visually attract the user into returning and staying inspired. The apps scrolling collage allows users to effortlessly become updated on the latest styles as they browse different looks. Kaleidoscope differentiates itself from most fashion apps by not posting user-generated content and images. Instead, their quality feed of images pulls from lookbook.nu or from their own fashion bloggers.

Kaleidoscope kaleidoscope2


And when you have fallen in love with an outfit and want to see it in your closet, Kaleidoscope offers you the chance to “Shop The Look”. What is different about Kaleidoscope is its use of ShopStyle’s API’s to locate products that match clothes in the photos with prices and links for purchasing. Kaleidoscope is the first app I have personally encountered where it presents the user with similar but separate articles based around the same trend. Whether you are brand lover or bargain hunter, this app offers you options. With all of the choices, the app also enlightens users to new brands and websites to explore.


Kaleidoscope4 Kaleidoscope5


Make an outfit your favorite, share it on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest. And if you are hesitant to download, Kaleidoscope offers a live demo to try the app prior to downloading. Just visit: kalei.do.