Apps aren’t just for smartphones and tablets anymore. From kitchen appliances to toothbrushes, apps are controlling more gadgets and making everything ‘smarter’.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES 2014, this week in Las Vegas, companies have shown the latest in inspiring ideas and innovations. From a 120-inch Vizio TV to smart contact lenses that give users super human vision, the trade show is always a time of excitement what is to come to market. While technology continues to improve and evolve to things that are unimaginable for most, the most consistent update is the use of smartphones to control gadgets and other technology. Here are some of our favorite innovations of tech trends:


The Smart Oven

Dacor revealed one of the first smart ovens with a two-oven, six-burner appliance with a built-in Android tablet that controls all of its operations. Through the companion app, users can pre-heat their oven remotely, detect the temperature of cooking meat, or even text family members when dinner is ready. While the $11,999 price tag makes this oven for the luxury kitchen, it will truly show mobile’s role in the kitchen.


The End to Children’s Cavities

To date, mobile health has been a growing industry focusing on bettering patients, doctors, and accessibility of medical knowledge across the world. At CES, the makers behind Kolibree showed off the latest device to sync with your smart phone and improve users health, in dental care. Kolibree is the world’s first connected toothbrush and will let users stay updated on how long they brushed, how rigorous, and more. By adding gamification, the app allows you to add your family members’ records and compare or compete against their dental cleaning process. The app also sends challenges and praises for improvement.


A Product for Perfect Posture

No longer is mom needed to nag you about standing up straight with this new gadget to remind you to stand tall. At CES, the Lumo BodyTech revealed a small device that clasps to clothing and can detect body position to gently vibrate to remind you to push your shoulders back and lift your head to the ideal body position. The mobile app incorporates feedback and rewards to help you work to never slouching again.



CES has inspirationally shown the ways of the future. Get ready or not, but apps are just at the beginning of their life.