This post was written by our summer intern Carly Klebine – a rising junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Carly spent the summer learning from and working with our team in-house. We were sad to see her go, but so appreciative of her efforts and the work she did. Be on the lookout for big things from her in the future! – The Apollo Matrix Team

I had never had an internship before and I did not know what to expect. Would I just be given stereotypical grunt work and making coffee runs? I was okay with that and just excited to get a glimpse inside a mobile technology service company. However, Apollo Matrix gave me the opportunity to work on a bunch of cool projects and I never once did a Starbucks run.

The people at Apollo Matrix are warm, welcoming, intelligent, and hard-working.  They immediately included me as part of their team, I even got to go to the company outing and attend the weekly staff meetings where the entire team reviewed what had been accomplished during the week and set objectives for the upcoming week. I got to see the CEO, QA specialist, marketing manager, project manager, UX specialist and developers up close and in action. I worked most closely with the QA Specialist. He was always willing to explain and help but  gave me the opportunity to independently configure Jenkins, create builds with GitHub, edit artwork with Photoshop, refactor java, and create process documentation for the corporate knowledge repository.

Some of Carly's work in Jenkins from this summer.
Some of Carly’s work in Jenkins from this summer.

Prior to this summer I had coded in an Integrated Development Environment in the classroom. This internship provided me the opportunity to see and learn how ideas are elaborated, architected, developed, tested and released into the wild providing value to the end users.

In the end I can’t say enough about the people that worked with me, they were incredibly patient while challenging me and helping me to become a productive member of their team. I had a wonderful time working at a great company, with great people and will be returning to school with the real-world experience I was seeking in addition to many great memories.