Receive updates whenever you want
Set your clock to receive updates whenever you want

Many publishers do not see the return on investment to build mobile services and a native mobile experience for consuming content. Properties such as diverse as ET Online, radio stations such as WTOP, sites such as ReadWriteCambio, and Joblo focus instead on optimizing their sites for mobile with varying success.

Set content categories
Apollo Matrix creates branded apps that allow users to set content categories and times of day for home screen delivery of their favorite mobile web site’s relevant content. In essence the web site no longer waits for the user to visit; instead, the user’s own preferred settings permit html content to be delivered to that valuable real estate over and above the home and lock screen of the user’s device. As a user, I may want traffic in the morning from WTOP. I may want tech news at noon from Techcrunch and I may want the latest movie trailer delivered from Joblo at 5.

Home screen delivery
Internet use continues to move to mobile devices and web sites become more and more responsive to mobile and tablets.  But left out is that icon on the home screen, a reminder, some personalization – and that integration into the user’s daily mobile life. Home screen delivery can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of a native app by leveraging existing mobile-optimized content – and it stakes out the valuable real estate above your user’s home and lock screen. How can you leverage your existing mobile web site content to deliver content to your users when and where they want it? Learn more by contacting us at info@