iOS 10 infographic

Apple’s changing how we interact with our apps in iOS 10.

(Not an iPhone user? Don’t care about iOS 10? Check out what’s new in Android Nougat.)

There was a time where I thought the iPhone couldn’t get any better.

I have access to millions of apps that fulfill my every need. Texting, calling and video chatting my friends and family is easy to do via a wi-fi connection. I can take quality photos of the places I’m traveling to and share it instantly. I can talk to my phone and have it answer back. What else could I possibly want from a phone? 

While Google seems to be focusing more on building up new technologies (VR) Apple is staying focused on improving their go-to products. With that being said, iPhone 7 will not be drastically different from the 6 in terms of hardware (other than the lack of a headphone jack.

The software inside comes loaded with new frameworks and APIs, though. Developers now have access to a whole new set of capabilities that will ultimately change how users interact with their iPhone on a daily basis.

Check out the infographic below to see what features our team is most looking forward to in iOS10.


iOS 10 infographic