What redesigning an app is all about.

The tech world is constantly changing. Yet many organizations treat their digital properties like a book – a timeless publication that will be enjoyed for years to come. It’s not until much later do they realize their properties are starting to slowly deteriorate. Large contributing factors to this decline are the designs of the user experience and user interface (UX/UI). Maybe the designer you first hired wasn’t up to par. Or maybe new trendy UX/UI designs have popped up since your app’s release. Either way, routine updates to the design of your app will ensure your users have the optimal experience all the time.


What is a Redesign:

Redesigning an app simply means changing the UX and/or UI of the app. UX is the layout or the path a user will take through the app, and UI is the visual component. Your property will keep the same technical functionality and structure.

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before and after redesign example

Why Redesign?

Your organization’s app isn’t just for kicks and giggles, it’s a piece of your strategic plan. If your app isn’t meeting your strategic goals, though, changes are in order. If the purpose of the app is still applicable, then you don’t need to design and build a new one. A redesign does the job.

Here are a few signs that your app needs a redesign:

  • Users complain about certain aspects of the app (e.g. unnecessary steps for registration, difficulty moving from one screen to another, the inability to do an expected feature)
  • Decline in in-app user engagement over time
  • End-goal of app (e.g. convert leads, increase content readers, increase purchases) is consistently not met
  • Ad revenue is less than budgeted
  • The app looks like it is circa 2007


What a Redesign Entails:

Every design professional has their own method. Make sure you’re familiar with their process before hiring. Our team enlists a collaborative user-centric process for redesigning apps and websites.

Client Details – We start by meeting with clients to understand their problems and needs. If clients know what they want, we’ll get started on the job. If clients aren’t sure where the problem lies, we’ll help figure it out. We’ll also request client assets like photos and logos that can be used in the new design.

Brainstorm – Our designers work with the project manager and other team members to brainstorm potential solutions and design characteristics.

Create Wireframes – Our designers will move forward on a few ideas from the brainstorming session and create wireframes detailing the new app. They will then position these wireframes into layouts that create the optimal user experience.

Visual Mood Board – Your app needs to look and feel the same throughout. Our designers will match your current style if you’re happy with the look and feel. If not, our designers will put together mood boards detailing potential colors, fonts, and tone of the product.

Polish – We’ll put the mood board and wireframes together to create beautiful and refined designs concepts.

Concept Approval – Our designers will present two final concepts for client review. Once a favorite is picked we usually revise the design and then send it off to the developers for completion!

A redesign is just one way to update and optimize your current app and ensure that your organization is meeting its strategic goals. We know it’s difficult to keep your digital properties up to date, but it needs to be done. If you don’t want to wait for a backlog of issues and the high price associated with that, check out our new flat-fee service: Digital Property Management