UX/UI standards are changing all the time. An app made in 2010 looks, feels and functions significantly different than an app created today. Today, users expect quick and sophisticated experiences that they can control. As we move forward into 2017, the six flaws listed below are trends we’d love to leave behind in the new year.


3 Worst Mobile Design Flaws:

  1. The mobile application is not native to the platform.
  2. The app does not have a user onboarding process.
  3. The app doesn’t engage users, encouraging inconsistent use.


3 Worst Web Design Flaws:

  1. The website takes too long to load.
  2. The site is unresponsive on different devices.
  3. The website has auto-playing ads or videos.


The infographic below showcases some compelling statistics explaining why these flaws should be left behind in 2017.


Worst Digital Design Flaws of 2016 - Infographic