Healthcare Tracking App and Dashboard.

patient tracking app

Healthcare tracking app and dashboard lets medical professionals easily track out-patient recovery progress.

A large non-profit healthcare organization approached a small health tech startup about appropriating a Beta of their healthcare tracking app into a specific use case for post surgical patients. Apollo Matrix was able to assist in the design and build of a corresponding web dashboard.

The large healthcare organization required the app for a 90-day study of post cardiac surgery patients. The control segment of the testing group utilized traditional paper charts to track their post-surgical routine and followup, while the other two groups were given an app to track their progress. Two active test groups received a care plan uploaded into a mobile app, while only the second group received linkable Bluetooth devices such as a scale, a FitBit, and blood testing supplies to continually track metrics. The goal of the study was for the healthcare group to track re-admittance rates based upon use of the app and tracking technology.

Apollo Matrix designed and built a clean UI for the web dashboard for this product, which is visible only to the health caretakers assigned to each study participant. The caretakers can view their individual patients’ progress, as well as their group as a whole. Additionally, the Apollo team created a dashboard for the final study results, so the healthcare organization could view segmented lists and detail their findings effectively.

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