Software Product Development.

Three proven delivery models powered by teams of highly skilled architects, designers and developers.  Five most requested technologies:  iOS, Android, angular.js, Java, Ruby on Rails.



software product development

Discover & Define Workshop

Apollo’s Discover & Define workshop uses a combination of process and expertise to progress through discovery, ideation, competitive position, branding and product concept definition.

We deliver: app concept overviews, user interviews, user analysis, persona overviews, and key wireframes

Technical Architecture

Our team recommends and implements development platforms tailored to the specific requirements of the project, in addition to a vast expertise in writing scalable server solutions capable of responding to rapid volume increases. We write API’s and web services for mobile as well.

We deliver: development recommendations, back-end services, server set-up and maintenance, APIs and web service for mobile and web applications

Mobile & Web Analytics

Apollo Matrix can help you identify the user behaviors of interest and build in the analytics worth tracking. Advanced business analytics rely on a foundation of mobile and social apps supporting your business.

We deliver: consistent analytics across the web and mobile portfolio

Disciplined UX Process

Apollo Matrix’s user-centric approach is made possible by its own disciplined UX process that defines the product.

We deliver: content strategy and information architecture documentation, storyboards, wireframes, user stories, use case analysis, technical API/web specifications, product interface and promotional copywriting, user interface design, and content design

Data Visualization

Our designers and research analysts display data in a meaningful way to engage users. In addition to user-facing visualizations, Apollo provides detailed metrics to our clients through every step of every project.

We deliver: interactive, animated, and static infographics and data visualizations for clients and their customers


software product development

On/Offshore + You

Apollo Matrix’s optimal mix of on-shore/off-shore talent provides a high quality and cost effective, balanced approach that works. Escalation between the two teams is driven by you and your needs,

We deliver: A DC-based team consisting of Product/Project Manager, Lead Developer, UX/UI Designers, Developers, Quality Assurance Specialist, supported by our remote team in Belarus that has been in place since 2009

Managed Services with Measurable Results

Our team handles the day-to-day administration of your technical needs, while keeping you up to date with all updates and results. Apollo Matrix holds ourselves accountable to you and your expectations, as well as our own high standards.

We deliver: seamless oversight and meticulous documentation 

Agile Development

Planning, testing, and integration never stop. We utilize a continuous approach to development; nothing is ever “done” and shelved, but perpetually upgraded, pivoted, and redesigned based on an ever-changing technical landscape.

We deliver: a collaborative, fluid approach to SPD

Ticket Driven Support

Every technical aspect is broken down into discrete tasks, which are then assigned to an Apollo team member based on their skill level and availability. Tickets are submitted by the customer as needed and we work to design a plan of attack.

We deliver: ad hoc support driven by your needs



software product development

Fluent in Tech

Apollo’s vast knowledge base, integral to our product development success, is available to our clients in an advisory capacity.

We deliver: Polyglot programming know-how and implementation proficiency

Senior Personnel with Advanced Skill Sets

Apollo Matrix’s consulting services program is comprised of a senior team of industry leaders with unparalleled technical expertise, as well as top-notch design and strategy experience.

We deliver: proven solutions delivered by a veteran team on the cutting edge of technology and innovation