About Apollo

Mobile & Web App Developer in Washington,DC.

Apollo Matrix, Inc. was started in 2012 by Pete Johnson, former president of PointAbout consulting, to acquire an existing mobile developer with the name we have today. Apollo was soon joined by board member Scott Suhy, PointAbout cofounder and CEO, along with other key mobile pros. Today the company develops mobile and related web products for a variety of clients using its user-centric approach to strategy and design, together with disciplined software product development.

Our work force lives and works in two communities. In Washington, DC, we are a part of the urban tech startup community and enjoy DC’s thriving urban culture. In Belarus, additional development staff work in downtown Gomel, Belarus. The DC team drives strategy, design, technical architecture, development and delivery. Our DC skills inventory covers all native platforms, backend server development, with specialties in advanced mobile device, app and file management. The Belarus staff work as team members within appropriate DC project teams and are skilled in Android, iOS, Drupal and the open source technologies embraced by innovators worldwide.

Apollo Matrix is a services provider first and foremost. Every Apollo client has its focus and is amongst the best in its core focus area. As a partner, Apollo Matrix is focused on delivering high quality mobile and related web experiences so that both our clients and Apollo can be the best at what we do.


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