Recently, Apple announced they will be releasing the iOS 11 this fall. With this new iOS, there will be a multitude of updates, upgrades, and enhancements, but what do they all mean for your app that is currently in the marketplace? Here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading your app to prepare for the iOS 11 launch. All of these new features could affect how your app stands out in the marketplace.

With the updated iOS, Apple’s App Store is getting revamped. Apple has introduced the all new App Store which appears similar to Apple Music’s styles. Apple is also planning to release a redesigned podcast app in iOS 11 in the same styles. You should take note of these new design cues and ensure that your app stands out among in the crowded app market. In addition, Apple used to offer a single app preview, a video meant to showcase how your app would work, which users can watch before downloading your app. In iOS 11, that will now increase to up to three previews. If you haven’t had any app previews before, then you should definitely add them now.

Similar to Samsung Pay, Apple Pay is one of the new features being introduced in iOS 11. It will let users transfer their money to friends and make in app purchases. Users can open the Apple Pay through the Messages app and send money from debit or credit cards.

The new business chat feature will engage with users almost immediately. One of the largest complaints with Apple’s ecosystem is that businesses and developers get very little access to users. Business Chat will start to change this once and for all by extending your customer experience to the Messages app.

Although App Transport Security (ATS) isn’t specifically an iOS 11 feature, it is still an upcoming change to be aware of. Apple had said that they would begin enforcing ATS support on January 1st, 2017. However, this deadline has been pushed back to a yet unnamed date. Make sure that your apps are integrated with ATS and stay ahead of the game.

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