Infographics or information graphics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. Infographics are able to quickly relay material in a clear and creative way.

Infographics are also more than just a pretty way to display data as they can benefit businesses. Infographics have been known to greatly increase traffic to websites, bring in new visitors, and increase leads. While the image will not have an effect on SEO words, It can still benefit an SEO campaigns by being shared and linked. Most users today want immediate information. With infographics, businesses are able to efficiently share knowledge in an attractive and new way.

George Washington University’s Face The Facts Infographics

Face the Facts is a website and campaign that provides daily facts about current issues that Americans and politicians face each day. The kicker is that these facts are based on hard numbers, without the political sway. They are 100% non-partisan and well vetted by think tanks. Directed by Frank Sesno, Director for the School of Media & Public Affairs and former CNN Correspondent, Face the Facts started as 100 facts for the 100 days leading up to the 2012 Presidential election, and continued by taking a refreshingly clean approach to your typical political fact-spinning site.

Apollo’s team architected and designed infographics supporting the daily 100 Facts up until the election. The production was fast-paced and fun. We produced between 3 to 5 infographics each week with subjects including: debt & deficit, jobs & economy, infrastructure, education, healthcare, social security, Medicare, and more. Providing our creative muscle to the GWU team was invigorating and inspiring!