We redesigned and developed an Android and iOS app for PAE, a vital provider of mission support for the U.S. government. The app we built is specifically used by first responders to document crime and accident scenes.

Field reporting is crucial to documenting critical situations, but often times reliable documentation is too difficult to complete in a timely manner. When working on this app, our focus throughout the design process was ease of use and the ability for users to quickly understand and use the features in the field. To test ease of use, we conducted extensive usability tests with eye-tracking software to see which parts of the app were intuitive and which were not.

Features include:

  • Web view of an existing mobile draw application allowing users to sketch scenes
  • Incorporating tablet hardware to provide more information- GPS positioning, camera, and direction faced
  • Forms are saved locally on the device until ready to be submitted, at which point they are transferred to a central server. The process mirrors how a paper form is filled out and submitted.