Android Nougat feature infographic

The sweet new features coming to Android Nougat

(Not an Android User? Check out what’s new in iOS10).

Android Nougat is supposed to be released to the public any day now. There’s no confirmed date yet, but Android users should expect the release sometime in August. Though you’ll need to check with your hardware provider to see when exactly your device can access the new features.

Like iOS, the new version of Android sees its biggest changes coming in the form of UX/UI redesigns. At first glance, it doesn’t sound like the new version is jam-packed with new features like it has been in the past but Android is making subtle changes that will ultimately change how users interact with their phones. Split screens, rich(er) notifications, and better performance are the top features you can expect in Android N.

See our favorite new features coming to Android Nougat:

Android Nougat features Infographic