What We Delivered

The NetWatcher app provides a snapshot of a customer’s overall network security. The flagship feature is an animated visualization of the user’s NetWatcher Score, quantifying the user's network vulnerability. Behind the NetWatcher score, the app offers details of applicable threats. Apollo Matrix provided design, API planning, and development of the iOS application.

User-Centric Design and Build


Understand and integrate key business objectives and user personas.


A mobile experience that communicates visually and intuitively.

Fully Native Experience

Business owners can access crucial information for highest visibility.

Mobile Friendly APIs

Apollo works closely with the client's own in-house team to develop and expose APIs.

About Netwatcher

The NetWatcher platform allows Managed Security Providers to sell cost-effective, 24/7 security services to their customers. MSP are able to immediately deploy these services to their customers and take advantage of a fully-staffed Security Operations Center. This means superior protection with no capital outlay, resource commitments, or additional headcount.