Under our Software Product Management (SPM) service, we provide continuous hosting and maintenance for National Sleep Foundation’s web sites and mobile app.

In 2016, NSF came to Apollo Matrix looking for someone to redesign their products. In the end, they hired us to take on the management and maintenance of their digital properties.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is a leader in sleep research, education and advocacy. As part of their education initiatives, NSF created a website, micro-sites, and a mobile app to help users learn more about their personal sleep issues and quality. NSF doesn’t have an in-house team capable of maintaining these digital products though. As issues began building up overtime NSF found their original developers too expensive to use again. With Apollo, NSF was able to find an affordable partner dedicated to the continuous maintenance of their digital properties.

Now, we’re in charge of making sure National Sleep Foundation’s digital properties are performing as well as they can. Routine checks, automatic enhancements, and back end hosting are all services provided by us on a continuous basis. In addition to the day-to-day services we provide to NSF, we also help the organization with key improvements to their sites and app.

Key improvements made to their properties include:

  • Redesigned a number of web pages on sleepfoundation.org and sleep.org
  • Redesigned ad units resulting in increased ad revenue
  • Optimized user experience on websites and mobile apps
  • Revised instrumentation of analytics to better track how visitors use the sites and mobile app

The National Sleep Foundation is an ongoing client and we are still in the process of updating and improving their digital properties.