As Apollo continues our weekly Innovation Inspiration meetings, check out what got our attention this week:

1.) TimeHop

Social Media has made what you do and say available to the public and accessible long after the action occurred. Hopefully this has had some impact on our online behavior, but what happens to the information years later? TimeHop is an application that has spun this sense of foreverness positively as a way to present our social lives on a timeline to share and remember our days. No need for a time machine or flux capacitor as TimeHop allows you to travel through your social media history.

Timehop1  Timehop2

With Timehop, you can reminisce over photos from Instagram, Flickr and your camera roll as well as posts from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Learn what you did 1, 2, 3+ years ago on social media as well as national news. For example, my personal Timehop has shared news from 8 years ago when USA Today posted that, ‘President George W. Bush orders active-duty forces to the Gulf Coast, five days after Hurricane Katrina made landfall.’

End result? Be socially active for your impact today and your remembrance in the future.


2.) Smart PJs

What is new in the world of apps? How about app-compatible pajamas for bedtime stories. In today’s world, everything is “smart”, even children’s pjs. With over 40 books and games built into the app and accessible from the QR coded-pjs, children will be inspired to get ready for bedtime and start a new story.


Smart PJs are simple and encourage sharing stories while embracing technology. In today’s tech world, joining mobile devices with educational tasks is a natural process that will only enhance the experience. With the device having the option of reading the story aloud or being muted, children are able to listen with siblings or learn with parents. The interactive onesies are $25 and come in four sizes for boys and girls. While the company is currently waiting for patent approval, you can vote online for them to be a product sold on Wal-Mart’s shelves.

SmartPJs2  SmartPJs1