It has been over 2 weeks since iOS7 made its debut and Apple saw 200 million users update their device in the three days following the release. Users have had mixed reviews about the visual overhaul, new features, and adjustment in the overall experience. But with improvement in multitasking and a control center available on every screen to access your settings, users have found more pros than cons. With this update, Apple has also improved the app store implementing a new ‘Kids Category’,  automatic app updates, and the ability to find popular apps based on the device location. As a replacement to the old ‘Genius’ option for recommendations on apps, the  ‘Near Me’ feature can be especially helpful and exciting when traveling or wanting to know the most downloaded apps in the area.

This new feature has encouraged me to download multiple bus apps as well as the #1 popular app, Scoutmob. While I had never heard of the app, the secondary wording in the title of ‘local deals & events’ sold me on the free download.


This ‘Popular Near Me app’ in the DC- area provides location-based coupons on local food, drinks and shows in your city. With Scoutmob, users can view a list view of nearby options or a map view based on your location.

ScoutMob_List  ScoutMob_Map

What we love about Scoutmob’s mobile application:

  • The concept of the app and the emotional design.
  • The coupons are available on the device. No printing necessary.
  • Branding: From earthy color hues to phrases such as ‘un momento’ to a mustache representing all saved items.
  • Great deals!
  • The fact that the app tells me that I am “mighty close to Drafting Table” and offers a smart banner ad featuring a link to the coupon (50% off).


Scoutmob is present in all of the cities in orange with plans to expand into more cities like Houston, Phoenix, Miami and more in the future.



Check out your ‘Near Me’ apps or just scout out your local deals.